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Make data-driven decisions

Businesses have always thrived on insight, never more so than today. With the ubiquity of online digital services, data is broader and more detailed than ever, offering new and exciting opportunities to better understand your business and your customers, and satisfy ever-demanding regulators.

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Protecting the UK’s most vulnerable citizens

When COVID-19 took hold in the UK in March 2020, NHS Digital needed to rapidly identify the most clinically vulnerable people across the country so that they could be supported to shield themselves. Scott Logic supported in laying the foundations of this critically important new service.

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Building from a solid data strategy

As organisations grow, the number of data sources increases, typically in silos. Understanding this data, aggregating it, and providing open and secure access—while still maintaining control—requires a range of different capabilities and expertise. Our data specialists understand these challenges and can work with your organisation to modernise its approach to data, driving transformational business value.

Getting ahead with real-time analytics

Scott Logic’s heritage is in the development of front-end trading systems in Capital Markets. We have built intuitive systems that present vast quantities of real-time information that traders use to make split-second decisions. We know how to display analytics that can be viewed and understood in an instant, by people in the most high-pressured environments.

Acuris is a leading financial intelligence provider of unique insights to its subscribers. We delivered a mobile app that took their data to supply detailed financial news and intelligence to its users anywhere, and at any time.

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Laying the foundation for AI advancements

The whole world is talking about what could be achieved with Artificial Intelligence. However, your data and systems architecture need to be up to scratch before you can leverage the potential efficiencies of AI. Our proven experience in both data and AI make us a reliable partner for your ambitions.

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